Mission and Ministry Deacons – reach out to members, visitors, and our community through various mission projects (generally our church family reaching out into the community to help those in need) and ministries (activities within the Mount Carmel family) for education, worship, and fellowship.  Missions include work at the local prison, food pantry, school supplies, and clothes drive.  Ministries include things like our music programs, children’s activities, and XYZ (our senior citizens).  Click here to see more about their specific duties and who performs those functions for Mount Carmel.

Here’s a lists of the Ministry Deacons and their areas of responsibility.  Feel free to contact them, to help on a mission/ministry or if you have questions.

WELCOME to our new mission deacons – Mary Hamiton, Norma McKay, Virginia Taylor

Ministry Deacons:

*previous member of Leadership Council

Admin Deacons
Care Deacons