Mindful of our calling as Christians to care for the less fortunate, Mt. Carmel supports the work of the Inter-Faith Council for Social Service, a non-denominational social service organization providing basic services to combat poverty, hunger and homelessness in Chapel Hill and Carrboro.  Volunteers from Mt. Carmel collect food donations from church members and local restaurants and help prepare it for distribution at IFC’s Food Pantry.  Participating in the annual Crop Walk and/or donating food during Mt. Carmel’s Project 5000 offer other ways for church members to contribute to IFC’s important work.  Groups can also volunteer to prepare meals for the homeless at IFC’s Community House.  For more information, contact Leona Whichard at [email protected].


Collecting Food at Mount Carmel Baptist Church for the Inter Faith Council Food Pantry The IFC Food Pantry provides around 1.500 bags of groceries for neighbors in need every month. At Mount Carmel Baptist Church we have the opportunity to collect non-perishable food donations for the Food Pantry all year round. There are two collection containers. One is a blue plastic bin on wheels in the foyer of the Fellowship Hall. The other is a basket located under the table near the door to the church office. Each month in the Church Newsletter there is a list of foods most urgently needed at the Food Pantry. Food items that are expired or contain alcohol cannot be accepted. Brown paper grocery bags with handles and Styrofoam egg cartons are useful as well. Please consider how you may contribute on a regular basis to the Food Pantry. Volunteers may assist with delivering the donations to the IFC Food Pantry at 110 W. Main Street, Carrboro. The Food Pantry is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays.

Contact Leona Whichard at [email protected].




The idea for Project 5000 was inspired by the narrative found in Luke 9:13-17. Jesus and his disciples fed 5000 followers by blessing and dividing five loaves and two fish among the crowd. We can follow the example of this miracle and share with people in our community who often must look for help to feed their families. Once a year, in September, we have a special emphasis for collecting food to support the Food Pantry at the Inter Faith Council location in Carrboro. This is a time, at the end of the summer, when the stock on the Food Pantry shelves becomes depleted. The Project 5000 list of grocery items is attached to brown paper grocery bags donated by a local grocer, and the bags are distributed at our church worship services and Wednesday night church suppers. Members of our congregation are invited to take a bag, fill it with items on the list, and return it to the Fellowship Hall within four weeks time. The whole family can become involved in shopping for the project and filling the bags. Anyone unable to shop for groceries may support Project 5000 by making a monetary contribution designated for the IFC Food Pantry. Our individual contributions become great when multiplied by the concerted participation of many.

Volunteers may help with distribution of the Project 5000 bags and with delivering the filled bags to the IFC Food Pantry.

Contact Leona Whichard at [email protected].