Name of Class:  Martin Sparrow

Description:  Men’s Group focusing on scripture studies.  All are welcome.

Primary Contact Person:  Rev. Dowd Davis, Mr. Leon Yates and Mr. Dan Cowen

Location:  Main Floor on left side of the Family Life Center.



Name of Class:  Coed Adult Class

Description:  Men and women of all ages.  Studies vary.

Primary Contact Person:  Will and Catherine Diggs, [email protected] or [email protected]

Location:  2nd Floor of the Sanctuary building.



Name of Class:  Adult Discussion Class

Description:  We are currently exploring various relevant topics through discussion of the scriptures and application to daily life experiences.  We offer a place for college students, young professionals, and couples to connect and fellowship.

Contact:  Julianne/Brandon O’Daniel – [email protected] or John Eberhard — [email protected]

Location:  2nd Floor of the Sanctuary building (above the church offices)