The Deacon Leadership Council is made up of the deacon chairperson and two representatives from each of the deacon teams (admin, mission/ministry, and congregational care).   The purpose of the leadership council is to provide direction to, and coordination between the deacon teams.

Deacon Leadership Council has the following members:

Administrative Deacons provide and plan for the operational and financial support of church facilities and activities.

Mission and Ministry Deacons reach out to members, visitors, and our community through various mission projects (generally our church family reaching out into the community to help those in need) and ministries (activities within the Mount Carmel family) for education, worship, and fellowship.  Missions include work at the local prison, food pantry, and Interfaith Council.  Ministries include things like our music programs, children’s activities, and XYZ (our senior group).

Congregational Care Deacons provide the direct contact with families and act as an extension of the church staff.  These deacons are there for outreach to visitors, engagement of new members, assistance during times of crisis, and as a prayer team. In addition to being there for our families, these deacons also work on action groups for Outreach, New Members, Prayer, and Bereavement.