Mission Statement

Mount Carmel Baptist Church prayerfully seeks to follow God’s will and ministers to the community and the world through Christian worship, education and service.

We are a community of those who believe in God as revealed in the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus is the Lord of our lives. We believe the Bible leads us in understanding God’s will. We believe that we are called to be a priesthood of believers who are all equal in the sight of God. Through the discipline of prayer, study and service we experience fellowship with the Holy Spirit. We believe that we are called to follow the way of Jesus Christ, and to share the Good News through worship, education, ministry and mission.

To be Baptist can mean many different things, because Baptists have honored diversity through the centuries. Mount Carmel is an autonomous Baptist church. We value our heritage of freedom to know and to serve God through faithful discipleship. We are grateful for all who have gone before us faithfully worshiping God, and sharing the Good News from generation to generation, and we intend to continue to seek to know God and to be faithful to God through the long years ahead.

The document known as the Baptist Faith and Message, written in 1925, and revised in 1963, is the guide for for our congregation.